Wedding in Itxas Bide Estate: Naiara & Samuel

My story with Naiara and Samuel started a cold afternoon, with a Skype call. On my side, the connection was formed in an instant, one of those meetings where you end up telling to yourself ‘man, I hope I get to shoot their wedding’. When we finally met in person, I found out that my suspicions were correct, we had a blast during their engagement shooting, even though one of my shoes ended up stuck in the mud and they had to help me get it back! What would this job be without these little anecdotes?

The wedding started in Irun, along Raquel Arocena (you can see some of her pics in this post) and the amazing videographers Noare Films, it always amazing to get to work with them. They weren’t very far away from each other, and Naiara y Samuel started getting ready for their big day, he looked incredible in his Protocolo Novios suit and she was just smashing with her Rosa Clará dress.

From there we moved along to the amazing Estate, Finca Itxas Bide in Igeldo, Donostia. It is, without a doubt, an amazing and privileged place to get married and to work, unbeliveable! Although we started to notice the heat that would accompany us for the whole day. Naiara and Samuel’s friends and family arrived and moved us all during the ceremony, the reception and the party, it was great to see how moved and excited all of them were. The delicious food was from Bokado and the party by Burunda DJ

As always, I’d rather the pictures speak instead of me, so I’ll leave them to you with a song that was an important part of this day. Thank you Naiara & Samuel for asking me to be the keeper of your memories, it was a immense privilege. Family and friends, thank you making us feel like one more guest in the wedding, for letting us enjoy the day as we did, THANK YOU



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